The Divorcée (Demo)

by The Divorcée

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released April 9, 2013



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Track Name: Earworms.
She is screaming, perfect

Her cries can make my heart skip
I want to feel her skin rip
I plan to have this bitch again for breakfast lunch and dinner
I’ll eat her juicy flesh until there is nothing else left
This shit is the consequence of violence in mainstream cinema

I am now the director and you now are my muse
And in this scene I want to see your puny mind unravel

We will not stop if you are dead
Track Name: Scratch Me, Sniff Me.
Touch my skin
I need to feel
Scratch me
Sniff me
Hit me
Hurt me
I need to know I’m real

I’m alone and I’m terrified
I am in the dark with no clue if I’ll live or die

Don’t tell me I must be polite and happy

You cut out my heart with your smile
But I know you’re dead like me
Welcome to my pyre
Cleanse yourself in my fire

Goodnight darling
Rest in peace
Track Name: The Whole World Is In Mourning, But I Keep Laughing Regardless.
Dig with your left hand
Wipe with the other
Make me a hole and bury my soul
When this world ends

Read my lips
Every line
My flesh is stale bread, my blood is sour wine
I am a ghost

Sweet rapture
Track Name: Porcelain Lover.
She slips into another coma
I hold her head above the rim
In seven hours this will be over
Tomorrow this begins again

I am a child that’s lived a lifetime in fifteen years

My escape is this old photo of faces that I don’t know
I want to be there

I live in pictures